Room Candy

March 25, 2013

Seaside Cottage Makeover

Here's a recent redesign and styling of a little oceanfront cottage that the clients are renting.
A fresh coat of a soft white paint really brightened up the space but they also needed some updated pieces and the final layers to make it feel like home.

Living Room Before.... great bones ( floors fireplace and new seating) WOW nice view!!!

Living Room After... casual comfy "Elegant Beachy" I say! 

Much needed extra storage for the space behind the sofa. Love these lamps we scored from Homesense.

Because its a rental it was key to refresh without any structural changes. We did replace 3 main light fixtures and paint one wall but the rest was cosmetic.

The front door opens directly into the dining area and made for a jumble of shoes and coats and drop zones. The old pine table was solid ( and loved) so we had the client use a vinegar and steel wool wash to weather it. This is a great simple way to add a beachy grey feel to wood. I have done it with great success to a couple of old treasures! See our Facebook post on 'how to' DIY or click the link above

Here's the freshly weathered table and awesome new chairs...makes for a brand new look at half the cost! The teal drapes were the jumping off point for the colour pop and feel through out the little cottage.

Adorable wooden "hooks" from CB2 and new IKEA Hemnes shoe storage unit complete the dining area.

Kitchen before...

 We added a eating/utility console on casters to the otherwise blank stark wall. 
 Chalkboard paint in a dark grey and a vintage frame sprayed out blue add some fun!! The inexpensive light fixture was a drastic improvement from the tired old globe in here before.

Master bedroom off centre (no view) window creates a very unbalanced feel to the room and the array of hand me down furniture was no longer working for the this professional young couple. 
(2 thumbs up for the creative use of wood clamps to hold the sheet!!)

The drapery "wall" is an inexpensive way to create a dramatic headboard as well as balance the room.

New dresser side tables and bedding pull it all together.

Add in some more storage in the bathroom

and a touch of whimsy

and this place is updated ready for entertaining and comfortable waterfront living
...all without breaking the bank!

Enjoy the view. 

** Kudos times a million to design colleague extraordinaire Josee Lalonde on this project. Absolutely zero fun would have occurred with out her and her grande talent and super cute dancing abilities !

March 15, 2013

ReFresh ReNew ReCycle: Spray Paint!

Its Spring! Time to clear out, declutter and refresh everything. The perfect time to take stock of the tired and the worn and most of your knick-knacky bits pre-1999/ '89/ '79 !

Our favourite time to bring out the spray paint!!!!!!!

This clock was originally gold but a family favourite...
we sprayed it out white - Ta da!! New look!

Nothing refreshes more than a coat of paint. We love it to take things from home and update and renew with a fresh colour change. Found something cool at a market or thrift shop? Paint it up ! Pretty much everything paintable in both Stacey's home and in my place has gone from brown to black and now to white. Bring in your own Colour Splash! What a great way to recycle and refresh.

lamp bases...

Why use spray over regular house paint?

The finish is much cleaner and smoother, more like a professional paint job  
Spray paint is easy and fast to apply and it dries quickly (1 hr vs  1 day! - leading me to rethink the notion that it is way more expensive than regular paint. I have learned that if I can get a project done and move on to the next then that is good value right there as time is limited...always!
I am also really impatient so the fast drying part makes spraying a WINNER!

We use Krylon ( best nozzle ) for our projects and recommend it to others and any clients looking to spray out some treasures. Tremclad is also a very good option. Both have a large and growing colour selection including some amazing brights. Walmart is a great place to buy and usually has the best deals. In my experience the dollar store sprays are fairly weak...coverage is poor and paint is thin and runny. But I'm always open to finding or hearing about a great value paint!

Spray Painting 101

  • set up in a well ventilated area...outside preferably and not on a windy day!
  • prevent spraying your house or car with good preparation...and a large drop sheet and for larger items save your back and elevate whatever you are painting on a table or box or saw horses.
  • prime most things first to save you having to do extra paint layers for good coverage ( I tend to cheat though and if its not a really crazy colour to start with I admit I don't prime all the time...but for best results it is recommended)
  • use short quick spray bursts in an even light coat and let dry before applying the next coat. ( more  projects take 2-3 coats depending of course on the finish and colour it started as)
  • unlike me...try to have patience and take your time. You will end up with a much better result

Some things to paint:

Easy! Stick on stencil and spray!

Mirror frame               Door mat fun!

How fun for a summer party! Great way to upcycle old metal chairs.

More ideas....

picture frames
accent tables
bakers racks / cake stands
patio furniture/ flower pots
candle sticks
decorative bird cages
wooden and/or metal chairs and tables
metal art or mirror frames
decor accessories ( boxes, vases, baskets, ceramics, figurines)
cupboard hardware

The list of things to spray paint is really endless and limited only by your imagination!
 Go for it!

   This is on my TO DO list - upholstery spay paint for my version soon :) 
Have the paint on order ...

Have your own spray paint party! ENJOY!


March 07, 2013

Colour Splash : 2013 Colour Trends...Who Cares?!!

Here's a bit from a column we write for Seaside Magazine called  "On Design"
Check out the magazine online... awesome west coast culture and lifestyle! We LOVE Seaside :)

 Colour Trends for 2013…Who Cares ?!!

Tangerine Tango, Lemon Sorbet, Emerald…all a recent “Colour of the Year” from the big paint companies - guided of course by fashion and design trends.

As stylists, we are always asked what is the latest trend for paint and d├ęcor. We usually say…Who Cares! Not because we don’t follow (and love love  love) the trending colours, but because trends tend to have a limited shelf life and can date quickly (harvest gold or avocado refrigerator anyone?). Home is our sanctuary - a place that should reflect personal taste and style. Your Colours ...your way!

Having said that, there are a few guidelines we suggest you follow.

  • ·     Consider the new wall colour as a backdrop for your furniture, art and accessories. Look at what you have(and love) and jump off from that point. Find inspiration in magazines, fashion, favourite vacation spots, your friend’s homes (OK, careful on that one :) Choose colours that flow from room to room connecting the spaces.
  • ·      Look at your flooring...How will it fit in with your new wall colour? Do you have dark Mahogany hard wood or light cream carpeting?  Obviously neutral flooring gives you wall colour freedom! But maybe its a crazy coloured area rug that you love...start there and keep the walls simple.
  • ·      Your lighting will change the temperature and intensity of the colour. Keep in mind too that some colours absorb light and some colours reflect light giving a very different feel. Consider your light source in the room. Is there abundant natural light or is the space dark and you are more dependent on artificial lighting.

Keep these general ideas in mind. Narrow your choices down to 2-3 colours.
  Always a safe bet – Classic neutrals. 

They create a balance in your large areas and with big furniture pieces (walls, sofas) and will withstand the test of time. Neutral tones need not be boring when you bring in pops of colour in your accessories 
(here’s where to use trend color…Emerald Orange Blue and Purple = Beautiful!).

Here we used the neutral Benjamin Moore HC 173 - Edgecombe Gray along with
 OC 130-Cloud White on the newly installed wainscoting
 ...So inviting! 

Another neutral wall in a small condo livened up with pops of orange and teal.

We strongly suggest you invest in test pots from your local paint store! Look at your test patches throughout the day and evening. Note how the colour will change dramatically from day to night.
Ultimately, choose colours that speak to you
- the ones that make you feel happy and content in your space.

 Colour in the form of paint is a fun and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home.

If you still are at “where do I start?“ then call in the experts! It will save you time and money and you won’t be stuck with paint disasters.

Enjoy your colour...your way!
We would love to hear about your favourite shades!

~ Tracey