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March 15, 2013

ReFresh ReNew ReCycle: Spray Paint!

Its Spring! Time to clear out, declutter and refresh everything. The perfect time to take stock of the tired and the worn and most of your knick-knacky bits pre-1999/ '89/ '79 !

Our favourite time to bring out the spray paint!!!!!!!

This clock was originally gold but a family favourite...
we sprayed it out white - Ta da!! New look!

Nothing refreshes more than a coat of paint. We love it to take things from home and update and renew with a fresh colour change. Found something cool at a market or thrift shop? Paint it up ! Pretty much everything paintable in both Stacey's home and in my place has gone from brown to black and now to white. Bring in your own Colour Splash! What a great way to recycle and refresh.

lamp bases...

Why use spray over regular house paint?

The finish is much cleaner and smoother, more like a professional paint job  
Spray paint is easy and fast to apply and it dries quickly (1 hr vs  1 day! - leading me to rethink the notion that it is way more expensive than regular paint. I have learned that if I can get a project done and move on to the next then that is good value right there as time is limited...always!
I am also really impatient so the fast drying part makes spraying a WINNER!

We use Krylon ( best nozzle ) for our projects and recommend it to others and any clients looking to spray out some treasures. Tremclad is also a very good option. Both have a large and growing colour selection including some amazing brights. Walmart is a great place to buy and usually has the best deals. In my experience the dollar store sprays are fairly weak...coverage is poor and paint is thin and runny. But I'm always open to finding or hearing about a great value paint!

Spray Painting 101

  • set up in a well ventilated area...outside preferably and not on a windy day!
  • prevent spraying your house or car with good preparation...and a large drop sheet and for larger items save your back and elevate whatever you are painting on a table or box or saw horses.
  • prime most things first to save you having to do extra paint layers for good coverage ( I tend to cheat though and if its not a really crazy colour to start with I admit I don't prime all the time...but for best results it is recommended)
  • use short quick spray bursts in an even light coat and let dry before applying the next coat. ( more  projects take 2-3 coats depending of course on the finish and colour it started as)
  • unlike me...try to have patience and take your time. You will end up with a much better result

Some things to paint:

Easy! Stick on stencil and spray!

Mirror frame               Door mat fun!

How fun for a summer party! Great way to upcycle old metal chairs.

More ideas....

picture frames
accent tables
bakers racks / cake stands
patio furniture/ flower pots
candle sticks
decorative bird cages
wooden and/or metal chairs and tables
metal art or mirror frames
decor accessories ( boxes, vases, baskets, ceramics, figurines)
cupboard hardware

The list of things to spray paint is really endless and limited only by your imagination!
 Go for it!

   This is on my TO DO list - upholstery spay paint for my version soon :) 
Have the paint on order ...

Have your own spray paint party! ENJOY!


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