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April 25, 2013

Living Room Face Lift!

Here's a recent living room redesign ... a room that started off ...well honestly, not too bad! The bones of the room were awesome...big open space, hardwood floors, fab fireplace, creamy linen drapery and roman shades,  white slip covered sectional and chairs
  and 3 tall black bookcases. 

Our client called us with her dilemma...its all there but its just not completely working. Hmmm..we have definitely heard that before. Great furniture is one thing but what really makes a room feel pulled together is the layers that come after the furniture....

Here is our first look at the space.

Great bits to play with but the layout is not working - abit of a floating carpet island with furniture on all corners!
  The dark walls are closing in the space and there is no rhythm
 to the art and accessories. .

So here's what we did ....

Painted out the space ( and also a connecting foyer and dining room) 
This was the clients pick as she had just painted out her bedroom in this colour and it felt warm and inviting and really works with all of the rooms in the house.
Thanks New Heights Contracting!

Lighter and brighter :)

One week after our initial look, painting was complete and we did some retail sourcing for some new pieces to fix that "not working" dilemma. Layers layers layers!

Here's the haul...we also shopped for her master bedroom too so extra bits are shown in this photo. We always try to use as much of the clients things as possible.
 It has to feel like their home not a show home! There are no budget breakers here...just beautiful pieces that work together seamlessly.

First thing on styling day is clear the room.

We added in the new area rug and reworked the furniture layout.

Stacey cleans...I take photos :)

This layout fits the beautiful bay window and fully functions for conversation
 as well as focusing on the great fireplace and mantel .
But its not there yet...

Work in the accent lighting 

Eye level lighting is so important for room ambiance. 
Two table lamps and a floor lamp were added to the space.

Bring in the art and mirrors.

Layer the accessories and soft finishes ( pillows!) and style the bookshelves.

ReMarkable ReDesign living room makeover after

ReMarkable ReDesign living room makeover after

Now its working....

The final result at the end of the day  -  a really beautiful, pulled together space that is super cozy , great for family, conversation, entertaining and is most definitely "working".

Remarkable ReDesign Living room makeover after

ReMarkable ReDesign living room makeover after

ReMarkable ReDesign living room makeover after

Here's what our delighted homeowner had to say when she came home from work
 and saw her space....
"You two are miracle workers!!!!!!! I absolutely love everything!!! Thank you! I am ready to keep going. I should have had your help years ago. I have wasted so much time and money and still could not make it as beautiful as you have made it." ~CB

LOVE LOVE LOVE our happy clients!! Who are the lucky ones...them or us!?!

 ~ Tracey and Stacey 

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