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June 23, 2013

Its All In The Numbers!!

I read an article recently by HGTV's Vern Yip...he shared his cheat sheet on all the little measurements that we need to know when we are hanging, installing and placing...
Everyone asks us these measurements over and over so here they are in general.

Most definitely worth sharing and saving :) You should too!

Best coffee table height  16-20" the most comfortable height for putting up your feet based on standard 18-22" sofas !

Dining Room fixture  66" from the floor. This won't block sight lines of your seated guests but will give adequate light. Again, as it is with all design - it has to do with the scale of the piece so go with your gut and err on the low side!

Pendant lighting over an island should be 30-36" from the counter.

Best distance for TV viewing....72" from TV to sofa or chair. The exception to that rule is if you have a high def TV take the diagonal measurement and x1.5 for the optimal viewing distance. I measured my family room TV (shown here) and its 112" - oops! even with the HD factor its a little far....

The most pleasing pleasing height for art and mirrors is 60" to the centre of the piece from the floor. 
** I always really does depend on the piece and the location. Go with what feels best. I really go crazy when I see art hung almost to the ceiling!!!!!

1-2" is a good distance between pictures when hanging more than one. The tight grouping keeps the look cohesive.

Chair rail height can range from 32"-40" from the floor. As a  general rule the chair rail defines the lower third of the wall.
chair rail + wainscotting

Counter top height standard is 36". This is a comfortable work height and also allows for standard appliances to fit underneath.

Ideal back splash height is 16-18" between top of counters and bottom of cabinets.
We just worked on this one - a beauty...custom glass backsplash created by glass artist Rick Silas
custom glass backsplash

Bathroom towel bar should be 48" from the floor...this allows easy reach from the tub or shower . The toilet paper holder should be installed 26-28" from the floor.

Here's one I never really have thought of: 2" is the best distance between a bed and a nightstand. Close enough for easy reach but far enough to not appear crowed with the bed.

Area rugs: 12-18" from at least one wall...this stops the floating island look as well as the opposite where it may appear that the wall to wall carpet just didn't quite make it. I love this "rule" . The foot and a half is perfect!

These are obviously general measurements...but will work in most homes. If you have really unique elements in your space then you should call in an expert!

Any other necessary measurements your have discovered in your living spaces?

Good luck!


  1. Hey Tracey!

    I missed this post earlier. So glad I didn't miss it altogether! Great tips, and a go-to keeper for sure!

  2. Thx Sheila. A cheat sheet we are all allowed to use...:)