Room Candy

July 05, 2013

3 Living Room Re-Do's

We have been busy busy busy!! Staging and styling lots of great spaces.

Here's a peak at 3 very different living rooms that got a ReMarkable/Styles once over in the last 2 weeks. Using a lot of what the client already had ( a priority) , we shopped a bit for each and then pulled the rooms together. Little time...little budget ...Grand results!

1. Split level Family home in Broadmead

Before: Family frenzy ...dogs, kids, big boxy furniture and no real purpose to this room.

After: Inviting and calm adult retreat...great for entertaining, lounging and TV watching

Great storage in the floating console. A nice way to contain the electronic chaos!

The homeowner painted out the fireplace grey after painting the walls a nice warm greige :
We suggested he paint it back white... (!)
They love it and are ready to tackle the basement next :)

2. Downtown Condo in the funky Reef Building

Before: Lots of cool grey concrete and an orange feature wall that just didn't seem to work

 This cement wall is very cool...just not quite working here... Great love seat and chair from Gabriel Ross

Stacey just hanging out while I do all the work usual...haha NOT!

Lots of good things to work with...and a dining room with a port hole !

After: Stylish uncluttered and SOLD!! (  happy dancing..uh huh!!)

Adding the eye level lighting and a mirror really made the space feel pulled
 together and unified.
Can't really see here but the orange wall was painted out nice warm cream
 to soften the whole space.

This is is the other side of the porthole bedroom view!

This client has already purchased a townhouse in the same building and we are set to go in and make a design plan for her before the move in! Yay! We are excited for the dramatic sexy look planned!

3. Elegant Sidney retirement condo...

Before: immaculate, and almost there. This client just wanted the last layers to wow her company as she entertains often. 

After :  Added some drapery, new lighting and a great mirror from Luxe Home Interiors... shifted the furniture and art layout and our client is ready for a dinner party!


And here's a sneak peak at next amazing new home we get to work! We are talking bling, velvet, wallpaper...the works! :)

This one is going to be stunning!


July 03, 2013

Why Hire an Interior Stylist?

Here is our most recent "On Design" article in the July Seaside Magazine.

We hear all the time ...the "I really can't afford to hire a designer" or the "I'll just shop and see what inspires me" and my favourite "What if they don't like any of my stuff?!"
These questions/concerns/panic attacks are all valid 
( except we pretty much always like and can work with what our clients have...) 
 but the one thing we never hear after we style a place is
 "I shouldn't have done that ..." 
Quite the contrary...pretty much every client has said in some form 
"I wish we had hired you years ago and saved us time energy and alot of money making purchasing mistakes..."

Here's our reasons why it could be the best decision you make when making some improvements to your home.

Why Hire An Interior Stylist?   

Tracey Jones ~ ReMarkable ReDesign & Home Staging
Stacey Kaminski ~ Styles by Stacey

You are finally ready to refresh your home d├ęcor. Where to start? Should you try to save money and source, purchase and install the various elements yourself (paint, fabric, furniture, art, accessories, lighting….) or hire a professional to help? 

Quite simply, hiring a designer could be your best decision for your project!

When you embark on a project it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed. An interior stylist/designer/decorator can lead you through the process.
 There are so many elements to consider :

  •      Colours and fabrics and how they relate.
  •        Space, scale and proportion of the art and accessories
  •        Lighting plans
  •        Window treatments
  •        Furniture style, size and space utilization

Your stylist is a visual storyteller. They can help tell YOUR story. A trained eye can automatically see what things are working or more importantly, not working in the space. We have all been in a room that just doesn’t feel right.  A designer can identify and remedy that; turning your design dilemmas into decorating your dreams! A stylist can give you that WOW factor you have been looking for. Designers are thinking outside the box all day long…on trend for now and also to withstand the test of time. Many times the pieces in a home are great, they are just not put together in the most pleasing way. Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to buy all new stuff?

A designer knows your retail market and trades. They have access to a wholesale market that the general public just doesn’t have.  Instead of  many (many!) unsuccessful trips to retail outlets  or the frustration of  just plain wrong purchases your professional  can source quickly and more often than not purchase at better than retail pricing. This keeps you on budget and on schedule. No more buyers remorse! Your time is valuable, let an expert focus their entire attention to your project.

Its true that designer/client relationships are built on trust over time. But allowing  a pro in to give a little “push” is sometimes the best way to get out of the style rut you may be in. Designers are very quickly able to put ideas into context of what “can be”. Trusting that is when the magic starts to happen! Narrowing the choices down makes decisions easier and the whole process faster . It is also key that your designer understand your needs…now and in the future. Communication is essential and most designers hone their ability to get into a clients head and really absorb personal style. No one wants the sterile showroom living room. Life is fun and quirky…your home should also reflect that. (that’s the “ah ha” piece of the design puzzle)

Ultimately interior decorators help you put your style stamp on your space while pulling all the elements together is a unique and inspired way.  Why not give it a try?