Room Candy

September 24, 2013

Light The Way!

Lighting has a HUGE impact on how your home looks and feels. If your are like me walking into a lighting store gives me an instant headache and a sore neck (look up...waaay up! ) 
- overwhelmed we tend to ignore our lighting needs. 
With so many options which is right for your space and your budget?

The right combination of overhead and eye level lighting is key. 
Ceiling light alone will make   the space feel a bit institutional - like, 
and can cast unflattering shadows.(none of us need that!)
 Layered lighting casts light pools giving a soft warm effect. 
Of course common sense dictates where you need focused task lighting...
bathroom or kitchen work areas ( sconces, pendants or spot lights), 
reading lights in office or family room.

Match your lighting to the scale of your room, the pieces in the room as well as the room use.

One of my all time fav vignettes from Style At Home - Great console styling + awesome scale entry fixture reflected beautifully in the mirror. Love love love.

 Love these simple pretty retro glass pendants . They add some sparkle to this fab white kitchen

The right bulb makes a difference too. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and will lead to lower power bills and less frequent bulb changing. They are very long lasting, shatter resistant, cool to the touch, and cost effective. The on-trend Edison style bulbs look great in retro, vintage and industrial fixtures. 
They can be spendy though and do not give great light....

DIMMERS IN EVERY ROOM I say! A great small investment with enormous return. Controlling the amount of light required is such a bonus and instantly can add warm ambiance to your space when you want it and brighter light when you need it.

Found a great lamp base ( maybe a thrift store treasure) but ugly outdated shade? ...change it up! Many retailers now sell shades in sizes and colours to match your decor. Floor lamps are great bedside light alternatives...perfect for reading and a change from typical matching table lamps. Table lamps provide added style, task and ambient lighting for almost every room. They are perfect on a desk, end table and entry table. Homesense has tons of fun table lamps for very little $$! like this rope lamp below we used in a cottage design.
Target also has some great options.

Chandelier in the bedroom ... you bet! In the bathroom...why not!? They bring the opportunity to layer in another light source while adding in the pretty and some drama!  A large chandelier can stand out in a big space, such as a grand foyer, just as beautifully as a mini chandelier can dramatically enhance a smaller space, like a powder room or walk-in closet. Floor lamps are great bedside light...
perfect for reading and a change from typical matchy table lamps. 
Or try hanging for huge impact:)!


Take some time on your next lighting purchase...your rooms will thank you !


September 19, 2013

Goin' Coastal!

natural linens and soft white palette

Living on the coast of Vancouver Island pairs nicely with my <3 of coastal decor. Go figure!
If you like this style you are probably what I call "light" people.
 I am definitely a light person....light fabrics ( WHITE!) and textures, natural light , unobstructed windows and much to my husbands dismay LOTS of lights turned on..especially in our dreary wet coast winters. 
There's "dark" people too a good way lol! Those that like the cozy dimly lit spaces , rich sumptuous fabrics and heavy gorgeous window coverings...think velvet, fur, candles. 

It's an interesting concept...Which are you?

White is the hallmark of Coastal decor. 
It spreads and amplies the light rather than soaking it up.

beachy decor

Layers of pale neutrals : paint in white , creams, light greys ,soft blues and greens.
 Matt and honed finishes. Natural fibres and organic elements :
 cotton, linen, straw, jute, sea grass, rope.

white painted suitcase accessory

Love love love this painted suitcase! 

Weathered wood that has been exposed to sun and sea for years. Bleached and worn. Painted wood that shows texture and imperfections . Wide floor planks and soft greyed wood furniture pieces. Rough and imperfect antique pieces that tell a story fit so well into this style

rope mirror and towel holder

       chandelier in coastal bathroom

Simple accessories of glass, shells , books and collectibles. Throw in a pop of your fav and unexpected colour or element and the space will truly reflect you!

All together = airy comfy inviting spaces that say "Come in- relax and enjoy!" 

Go on - Go Coastal!

September 06, 2013

Colour Splash: Crazy for Cobalt!

We have been seeing it for awhile in fashion...Cobalt : an awesome pop of electric blue and close relative to sophisticated Navy.
As always interior design intermingles in a wonderful way 
with fashion art and life in general :) 
We see this great colour appearing now in our living rooms, bedrooms and pretty much everywhere!
  So looking forward to styling a room with this colour. Any takers?!

MY fav...this Bernhardt Beckett sofa in COBALT VELVET...oh my!


Love this gorgeous bedroom!

Step outside your colour comfort zone..try a splash of blue!


September 03, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's the day after Labour Day....I know...not a new year technically but this for me is always the time to get back to work, get inspired and get things done! (do I hear cheerful humming from all the moms on their way to school ?! " ...the most wonderful time of the year...." lol) I usually do better at my September resolutions than I do at my January endeavours so I am going to stick with that plan :)

I also made a promise to my family at the beginning of summer that I would detach from my computer ( unless work necessary)
  ... and guess was fine! 
A few months sans social media, blog posts, pinterest and I am still in one piece. But now its time to get back at 'er.

Stacey and I were BUSY! Tons of new fun design clients and some some staging work. I think our busiest summer ever. 
I also did a little cabin deck refresh ( while NOT on my computer !)

Here's a peak at our newly painted and decked out little getaway at Horne Lake.

We started out like this...hasn't been touched in 13 years. ( its 540 sq ft...just a baby cabin)

...and with new deck rails , new TREX decking and new grey paint / white trim :)

     And a door that went from red to yellow and finally this blue.

A peak of the lake...we get full vista morning until night...pretty lucky.

Another salvaged fixture, spray painted and re wired :) 
This is apparently old...ceramic from Italy. I'm sure not meant for painting :/

After great!


Here's a cool way to use an old lamp outdoors...cut the wire off and remove from base. Insert a solar light top  ( post removed ) into the bulb receptacle ( mine fit exactly!) and there you have a solar powered  outdoor lamp!

So we now have a way bigger deck and very all weather friendly and much needed outdoor space. 

And a little teaser...we are working on three new big design renos. In one fab new place we ordered this smashing Berhardt Beckett sofa.....YUMMMY!! Can't wait until its all in place to show ...wallpaper, new furniture, fab dining and living areas. Stay tuned:)

What did you you do this summer? Were you glued to your computer...hope not!
Any New Fall resolutions? Mine? Post more, work hard, be kind
...and take lots of photos !
Have fun and get busy :)