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September 03, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's the day after Labour Day....I know...not a new year technically but this for me is always the time to get back to work, get inspired and get things done! (do I hear cheerful humming from all the moms on their way to school ?! " ...the most wonderful time of the year...." lol) I usually do better at my September resolutions than I do at my January endeavours so I am going to stick with that plan :)

I also made a promise to my family at the beginning of summer that I would detach from my computer ( unless work necessary)
  ... and guess was fine! 
A few months sans social media, blog posts, pinterest and I am still in one piece. But now its time to get back at 'er.

Stacey and I were BUSY! Tons of new fun design clients and some some staging work. I think our busiest summer ever. 
I also did a little cabin deck refresh ( while NOT on my computer !)

Here's a peak at our newly painted and decked out little getaway at Horne Lake.

We started out like this...hasn't been touched in 13 years. ( its 540 sq ft...just a baby cabin)

...and with new deck rails , new TREX decking and new grey paint / white trim :)

     And a door that went from red to yellow and finally this blue.

A peak of the lake...we get full vista morning until night...pretty lucky.

Another salvaged fixture, spray painted and re wired :) 
This is apparently old...ceramic from Italy. I'm sure not meant for painting :/

After great!


Here's a cool way to use an old lamp outdoors...cut the wire off and remove from base. Insert a solar light top  ( post removed ) into the bulb receptacle ( mine fit exactly!) and there you have a solar powered  outdoor lamp!

So we now have a way bigger deck and very all weather friendly and much needed outdoor space. 

And a little teaser...we are working on three new big design renos. In one fab new place we ordered this smashing Berhardt Beckett sofa.....YUMMMY!! Can't wait until its all in place to show ...wallpaper, new furniture, fab dining and living areas. Stay tuned:)

What did you you do this summer? Were you glued to your computer...hope not!
Any New Fall resolutions? Mine? Post more, work hard, be kind
...and take lots of photos !
Have fun and get busy :)



  1. Great job Tracey! I loved the transformation of your Lake Cottage - and the white/blue combo looks so fresh and peaceful! Looking forward to more of your projects and posts! Keep up the great work. ~ cheers, Ingrid. PS - I just had my busiest summer in real estate, too! Let's keep this momentum going.

    1. Thanks Ingrid!! All fun stuff ,made better with fab weather :) Yes feels like things have finally shifted to the positive and here to stay . yay! Congrats on your success!