Room Candy

November 20, 2013

OH! Christmas Tree

Yep...Its time...decorating for the holidays! Love or hate it , gotta be done to some degree :) 

The Tree ....... Centrepiece of the Holidays

What does your tree look like? Does it have a theme? 
A colour? Traditional or contemporary ?

And the million dollar question...if YOU ( not the family lol ) could pick a tree style or theme..what would it be? Or maybe its what you already have .

The Blue Tree

The Eclectic!

The Gold Tree

The Pink Tree

The Traditional Tree :)

The White Tree

...and my personal fav

Let the decorating begin!


November 01, 2013

Living Room Paint & Shuffle!

Here's a quick living room redo we just finished yesterday.
 New paint helped transform this nice, tidy - but  alittle bit dreary - formal room into a bright and pulled together space for book club and other social events! 
Using most of what our clients already had

we redesigned the layout added in a few pieces of  art & accessories ... bam! fresh new look.

Before... wall and accent colours really were not doing much for the room

After... changing up the colour freshens up the whole space.
 The new blue accent pillows and throw make it comfortable and inviting.

Loving this paint colour: Benjamin Moore Grey Cashmere 2123-60  ( a soft blue green grey)

Just installed this new dining fixture in the adjacent dining area...
now waiting on art and a fab mirror to arrive. 

Doesn't take much to brighten up a space... Roll up those sleeves and get to work!

Happy Friday and official day after Halloween Candy Hangover Day!!
~ Tracey and Stacey