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January 31, 2014

Fast & Fab Friday DIY: Sunburst Mirrors!

Love mirrors. Really love Sunburst mirrors! Why not make one yourself!
 Fast, Easy and Cheap ( my mantra....)

I want to give it a go!

This one is made with a bunch of sprayed white twigs from IKEA

Awesome in a foyer or even outdoors on a covered patio wall.


Whitewashed shims.

Dowling. Awesome in gold or silver! 

Supplies needed for a basic sunburst

  • small mirror ( convex would be super cool)
  • 2x floral rings in staggered size...12"+14" or 14"+18" depending on how big you want it
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • 2x packages of shims from hardware store or dowling packages or lengths to be cut
  • stain, oil or  spray paint

This can be done with twigs, with paint sticks, with pretty much anything you like! 



You could stain the shims first or spray them in any colour!

The dowling was glued directly to the mirror back on this easy is that!

Happy Friday...get DIY-ing!



January 24, 2014

Fast & Fabulous Friday DIY : Vintage Suitcases !

Love throwing in some old and worn and mixing it with your new bits? ME TOO!

It's Friday...DIY time!

Seeing tons of cool ideas on what one can do with an old suitcase. The best part - beside the absolute coolness- is the STORAGE! 
It's hidden unexpected storage in the form of a funky case.

I, of  course, lean towards the cool coastal feel and would spray the heck out of them all ... in white . ( so sorry to all that are gasping right now....) 
But you do not have to paint, in fact the they come in such great colours , 
most are ready to go as is.

Find them at thrift stores, collectible places, flea markets and Grammas attic!

Here a few to get your weekend DIY juices flowing :

Ahhhh :)


Pair this with an old mid century table, spray it all and you're done!

                     glamour and purity

 Bar cart? ...ummm yes please!

                              apartment therapy

These are awesome!

                                                       The Cottage Market

A repeat - SMILE post!! :D

This is fun for a picnic basket

                                              Platinum Touche Ventsla


                                              Sticky Bee

                                    Fancy House Road

More white...shabby chic and pretty!

                                                               Oh My

Lee Valley Tools has lots of legs and castors.

                                                     The Plumed Nest

What a great idea for wedding decor!

                                      Fancy Frugal Life

Get your DIY on!
Happy Friday!


~ Tracey

January 22, 2014

Mantel Attire...Dress It Up!

Dressing up your mantel!
After the holidays is a good time to refresh! Like with fashion and jewellery, its usually the simple looks that get a double take. And of course in some cases the
 outrageous will turn a head or two.

Before you start we suggest:

  • Pick your style with things that you love....they will be front and center in your room so you had better love each piece! Address the detail and style of the mantel itself.
  • Choose with scale in mind. 1 or 2 large pieces have greater impact than a ton of tiny bits.
  • Change it up! No one says it has to stay there for 40 years (...ancient clock on the mantel in my childhood home ...yep! still there- moved x3 houses but always front and centre over fireplace!)
  • Think outside! Bring some organic in...showcase some nature...twigs, driftwood, berries always pair beautifully with glass and simple art or a stunning mirror.
Here's some ideas I love (and will try) and some mantels we have styled for clients.

Soft and unified ... mirrors always work :)

                                                                              ReMarkable ReDesign

Bringing the outdoors in!

Layers Layers Layers !!
( I'm working on a post now on what the heck we mean by LAYERS!?!)

Start with the biggest piece and layer in groups of your elements .
Note scale shape and colour.

                                                                                Modern Jane Design

Create the visual interest with a triangle form 
or this interesting up and down layout 

Here's a rustic theme!

Off Center! LOVE IT!

When you have great stonework sometimes little or nothing displayed is the answer!
                                      ReMarkable ReDesign

                                                           ReMarkable ReDesign

 Here the art is a good soft balance to the bolder shelf styling

 A great place to display collections!
Note again the balance of the overall look.

...and sometimes you can just do whatever the heck speaks to you!

Dress it up and show it off!

~ Tracey and Stacey

January 17, 2014

Fast & Fabulous Friday DIY: The IKEA RAST HACK

JanYOUary soldiers on...more time indoors thinking about all the stuff that needs attention :)

Just the right time for some short snappers...quick and relatively simple weekend DIY.

Today's project ..The IKEA RAST HACK...comes from awesome Kelly at Hello Boudreau.

Holy cow...look at what she has done to the budget friendly RAST!!
 I love love love any and all things hacked! 

This is spectacular!
                                                                 Courtesy of Hello Boudreau

Some heavy weight linen, some poly-acrylic protective finish (like Minwax), a cheapie cheapie IKEA Rast dresser or thrift store/sidewalk rescue, some new pulls 
and you are off to the races.
Doesn't have to be a dresser...start really simple with a linen table top, solid surface bench or side table. These would all look amazing with a linen upholstered finish ...go crazy! 

See the step by step here Hello Boudreau 

Let me know if you try it! and send pics :)

Have a great weekend!

~ Tracey

January 06, 2014

BLUE MONDAY? Find your smile - maker!

According to lots of pseudoscientists today ( January 6 ) is BLUE MONDAY. The most depressing day of the year. And... it came early this year  as it is generally gloom and doom day at the end of January! Oh Hurrah!  Anyways... I'm a fairly positive outlook person but this got me thinking.

What makes me smile? ....quick appropriate answer is lots of stuff...
my kids/husband/ dogs...a nice glass of Kim Crawford - Sauv Blanc/ poolside/served by nice young pool boy 
... oops  I digress ( but smiling!)

The other things that make me smile right now are, in reality ...not gunna lie
...a little more superficial.

Here's some of my pick-me-up smile makers in no particular order :

White cottage...ahhh                                             
This is just a happy place....




What is not to like about this brand? Love their marketing & web photos! ( and wine!)

In 2014 UPCYCLE something!!

Pillows? ...never too many!

I have this sofa on my desktop...and yep smile every time I see it!

Happy New Year Friends. Find something to put a silly smile on your face...and OFTEN!

~ Tracey