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March 04, 2014

A Corner Fireplace Makeover

We recently worked with super awesome client up Island in Nanaimo with a common but not so super awesome ache and pain....what to do with an uninspiring and awkward 

The Rx?  Let there be light!

Corner fireplaces are hard to work with. They take up valuable floor and furniture space while directing the focal point away from what is usually the conversation are -  more often  dictating that the furniture all be directed to that awkward corner! If the fireplace has to stay  
 put (which was the case here) then at least it needs to shine as the focal point 
and really gel with the rest of the room.

Here's the fireplace before....awe Sammy the Jack Russell cute! :) but the rest , 
well, not so cute. The dark ceramic just doesn't have much life.

And now....

Simple stacked tile from City Tile and Inside Edge Tiling ( in Nanaimo) 
was installed over the existing ceramic.
 A new mantel built by Bruce Mede from Adonai Millwork . 
A fresh coat of paint throughout brightened up everything! 

                                                  Remarkable ReDesign

                                                   Remarkable ReDesign

This was still in process but gives an idea of whole room layout.

                              Remarkable ReDesign

Heres the rest of the living room and entry that was freshened up with new furniture and lots of sparkle.  Loving the soft greys silver and blue. Pretty! It was a treat to style this space as every "thing" went together and all the extra bits were laid out on the kitchen counter for us to pick and choose. Lucky!

Here are a couple other nice corner fireplace options that may help get you thinking.


Well thats an entertainment unit!

This stone keep the space warm yet up to date.

And a super contemporary corner!

Lots of options , sometimes its paint sometimes its tile, sometimes its a reno! 

We always say love where you live and how you live in it!

Cheers everyone!


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