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October 26, 2015

Hey HGTV .... "DEMO DAY" isn't a DAY!

Hammer Time! Demo begins....

We took possession of our TLC flip 2 weeks ago. 
Progress is being made...slowly but surely.

Plans coming together, permits applied for, yard repairs started and trades lined up. 
If anyone tells you this is easy....LIARS! 

This planning and demo time is probably the hardest part of the whole process- besides sweating the sale on the other side :)

Leslie and I decided right up front that we were going to tackle the demo to the point where our "boots on the ground " trades could come in and really have a clean slate to start work with. There is a point however where you need to go 
"Is this worth a broken back/arm/head/eyes/ears...?" 
and more fitting for us, the question 
"Do we really have any idea what we are doing?!!"
When in doubt bring in professionals!

Here's some pics of where we started 
and where we are after week 2:

Yep, its an ugly duckling right now....but just you wait :)

Here's the living room...

Rotten underlay over really nice Oak! Whoot!

Hearth and walls are coming out this week! Open it all up!

Because we are working at our paid jobs all day, demo is happening in the evenings and on weekends. A little third world-ish with only 2 working lights on the main floor. 
Thanks to husband for most ( ALL) of the tools...
sledge, pry bar, shop vac, work light....
(You don't see husband(s) here though do you...hmmm?? Maybe they are waiting for the really hard work... yes that's it! )

Scraping, shovelling, prying, pulling. No big deal.

Highly paid labour. Only the best for the TLC house! 
Thanks Stacey !

Sneak Peek at the basement....

So my Mom is such a champ...she helped me tear out the cedar ship lap and the panelling while my partner is on the beach in Maui- really!
 (she also bagged the mouse nest without flinching!) Thanks Mom!

Thanks also to so many of our friends in the business who have offered up some awesome ideas and good direction with lots of the "unknowns". Beer's on us at the end of all this! 
To name a few:

Darren @ Argus Excavating

Stay tuned : Demo Continues... 
Perimeter Drains, Kitchens and Bathrooms 
Yay! ( I think!)


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