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January 25, 2016

TLC House Update

Here's a very long over due look at the progress on our TLC House renovation. 

The good news is we are pretty much on schedule ( even with the holidays thrown in there!) and according to the banker ( L not T )  pretty close to on budget. I know I'll get told very quickly when we are NO LONGER on budget 
so that keeps me a little scared and very thrifty! The sign of a good partner !

The bad news, well there really isn't any bad news! There is just sometimes not a lot to see when its a lot of "guts" work . It can be slow going. Many many ( many! ) trips later - they just say "Hey Ladies " at  Home Depot and Rona ! The fun really begins now with the finishing and we get to see all of the planning really start to take shape.

We have replaced all the electrical with a full new service. All new windows. The plumbing is all updated and we have a new gas furnace ( replacing oil ) and all new ducting ! Whew! 

This was a proud moment !

We have boxed in a gas fireplace into its new location (not in the middle of the living room). Cabinetry will flank the fireplace for some much need extra storage. We have a little DIY planned for the fireplace but we will wait on that for pictures :)

The whole house was touched with new drywall of some sort. Full boarding in basement and patching and skimming in the main part of the house. With a property of this age decisions have to be made regarding wall and ceiling textures. We had no less than 3 styles of texturing going on. Now fully understanding the value of our friends in the drywall business! First coats of primer and paint is on exterior and interior. (with much more to go)  New front and basement doors are installed along with all new interior doors and trim. 
Maybe a good time to go back to review the "before" 

This week we are having the kitchen floor installed and feathered into the original oak hardwood. Once installed we can then sand and stain and finish the flooring in the entire main and upper floors.This will be a big day when its done. We had a lot of pressure to rip out the old hardwood but we really wanted to keep it . 
Its original and in good enough shape to refinish . I think it will be beautiful!

Basement flooring will be installed this week as well 
and the kitchen cabinet boxes go in next week.

A HUGE shout out to our team. We have some really great players on board.

Argus Excavating (250 656 4800)
Network Home Improvements (Gutters 250 589 4527)
White Wolf Drywall (250 478 9314)
Bendle Homeworks ( 250 886 9411)
Dan Aune Plumbing and Heating (250 880 1995)
Mudslingers Stucco (250 642 4529)

...and last but not least these two guys: 
Thanks Shawn & Griffin ! So many sweat equity hours in!

Remember this "bathroom" ...?!

Its looking better.... :)

~ Tracey

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