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January 23, 2018

New Year, New Look. Whats on Trend?

Yes another New Year (cheers๐ŸŽŠ!) and another round of “Trends”. Lots to sift through in the home decor world these days! Many say conflicting things!

So... where do you go for the real goods?
If you ๐Ÿ’— it then that is pretty much all you need !

Really! It’s your home, you live there and if you love a certain look colour style then go for it! How to pull that all together is another whole thing and that's maybe where you look for help - magazines, inspiration pics (Pinterest Houzz) , call a friend with a good eye, call in a professional. We do A LOT of styling with only what homeowners currently have. It's amazing what a little shifting, editing and styling can do.

If you want a refresh but limited on time and budget (most of us!) There are simple quick ways to refresh and feel like you are up to date with your space.

I just read an article where designer Kristi Margiotta called it the "3 P’s of Decorating

  • Paint
  • Pillows
  • Plants 
I love this because its totally true- if you do 1 or all 3 of these you can create a fresh new look in a room fast and inexpensively.

Paint is still our number 1 go to for quick refresh! And its relatively inexpensive - especially if you can DIY - plus a HUGE transformation if the walls haven't been updated for years! Calm fresh colours that flow through out the entire house always work.Pick only one or 2! Add some drama with colour in personal spaces - master bedroom dining area or office. (wallpaper is also a great Drama add-on in these rooms- that's a whole other post !!) 

So guys, pillows are really a girls best friend! An added step to uncover the bed or sofa is just your new fact of life ๐Ÿ˜‰ But really, just the simple step of changing up the pillows in a room can create a whole new look. The key is pulling together solids and patterns with texture and colour! Don't be afraid to mix and match!

Room Candy
                                                             Photo Pottery Barn

Plants… I have a black thumb so everything green in my home is not real ( faux- cringe- not the trailing dusty ivy!!) If you can, live greenery is awesome, if contained and simplified. If that's not an option there are TONS of really great modern faux greens to work with.(locally- Chintz Pier 1 Homesense) We ALWAYS use greenery in our end styling and that is what finishes a room. The Fiddle Leaf fig is definitely trendy but a really really great tree! Grasses and succulents always add softness but still that bit of green life we need in a space.


If you are looking for more ways to incorporate something new (old!) think on these …

Hygge ( pronounced hoo-ga) is all the rage right now. This is a Danish word used for the “feeling” of cozy! Think comfy knitted warmth being present in the moment in front of a fire - that's Hygge. So you can't really buy it per se, but you can create the feeling in your home. There are lots of Hygge books out now for inspiration and I do think this is here to stay as we all try to connect more within and shut out the junk and noise in our busy lives.

Boho and Jungalo are another blast from the past! I made Macrame plant hangers by the dozen at summer camp! Again these are back on trend but the key is to not go so far that it feels cluttered and busy. This is big with the millennials! (my daughters follow tons of instagrammers that have a great design aesthetic which I think is pretty cool from a design mom thing!) This is where plants rule and texture is Queen. Jute , pattern, greenery and coloured accents…this all works especially when on a simple backdrop of white.

Room Candy
                                                                     Photo IKEA
                                                    photo Karissa Pukas
                                               photo Karissa Pukas

Classic elegance will never go out of style. Seeing updates with this is terms of finishes metals -especially gold is here to stay, just that they are softer- brushed and burnished).  Some say the white kitchen is out…I disagree. A white kitchen makes my heart beat faster! Keeping it warmer with wood accents and textures is how it can stay fresh. Again here is when - if you love it, then it will work - is so true! Flooring is going lighter and I love this. Time and maintenance saver. Lots of different flooring choices now- in millions of shades and textures and price points.

Room Candy
                                                                                 Photo oldseagroveshomes

                                                                        Photo Brian Gluckstein

Room Candy
                                                                           Photo Eichholtz

Know what you love, know when to stop, know when to ☎ a friend or expert for help. That will save you time energy and money - and on your way to a fresh new look!

Happy Styling 2018!

~ Tracey

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