Room Candy


We are interior stylists and stagers by trade, decor is our passion! 
Room Candy is a venue to share all the fun and beautiful                                                                                                                                               
things we come across in our work. 
Aren't we the lucky ones?! 
We get to play everyday with furniture art and accessories and create spaces 
that are not only beautiful but affordable as well. 

Much of the frustrations we see from our clients comes in the form of finding the fit of what they already have and making it work...its about playing, being creative, thinking beyond and finding that magic. It can happen in every space with all types of styles, 
collections and taste! 

The writer, the social media dabbler . Mad about scale and layout and clean simple lines and decor that doesn't scream at you but gently says ahh this is beautiful.
White is always right...

The color girl. The flower girl - AKA the one that can turn a stick , silk flower or greenery into a piece of art. All about glam and special bits and bobs that
 finish off any space  well.

Create. Fresh. Design.

Tracey Jones   &   Stacey Kaminski

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