Room Candy

February 11, 2013

....and today the adventure begins

A styling and design blog? Really? In all our spare time.... But yes a design and decor blog that speaks from our heart and attempts to show what we try to get across in our work but sometimes is hard to nail in a static website or photo display or even in a conversation.
 ( especially when you are waving your arms about madly saying over and over 
OMG its so amazing...)

Design and decor have a "feel"and contrary to what you may think or have heard this business is not at all serious or scary or just for those with deep pockets. Its a passion, its when you walk into a space and instead of listening to your friends' recent family misadventure you are moving about the sofa and chair -in your mind of course ( but sometimes not in your mind...actually move it...oops...focus!) and rehanging the art lower and adding a console table and a lamp...but I digress already. That's it though, the feeling and the desire to make it feel right and of course look great and uniquely yours. That's what we love and love to share.

Room Candy is our display rack of the colourful, quirky, sparkly bits that make our world turn. We hope you enjoy and send your comments and feedback...we love new ideas  and fun collaboration! 

We live in a beautiful city ( Victoria BC) that is a fabulous backdrop to some amazing design and incredibly talented people. You will be amazed :)

While Tracey is the team writer in most cases, Stacey will be jumping in as well to put her 
 oh so creative and unique stamp on things . (...and she's funny!) This is our safe place to share our goofy. It's "In-Progress"....a starting point. It will evolve and probably come out looking nothing like we started with but we know one thing for sure ...we are going to try hard to make it look darn good!

We are excited. It's a huge learning curve ( read: weird oops posts/photos/typos), but everyday we learn and that is cool. 

Create. Inspire. Live Beautiful.

~Tracey + Stacey

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