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February 14, 2013

Positively Chalking...

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 
I just had some fun with this fast easy weekend warrior DIY that I have been wanting to try.

Definitely not a new phenom, chalkboard paint  intrigues me. After all the years its been available I still hadn't actually used it on anything. I think its the endless creative applications that has kept me interested. ( moderation moderation...)

I have teenage daughters so like most busy families we have lots of sticky notes and to-do lists. I seem to be the creator of most (honestly all!) of these and many times the fam pleads plain old ignorance to the piles of moms reminders. So...Ta Da! A chalkboard wall in our pantry room :) Can't be missed as its a transition room from garage to kitchen. And now its all there in black and white....


Not much room left already but I think I can get them to start checking it for 911 info!
The twine frame note holder idea is from the March Style at Home...frame was thrift store special spayed out white. Cheap!

* After painting 2 or 3 coats to cover. Wait and let cure at least 3 days. ( I waited 1.5...rebel that I am!) Then "season" your board with chalk powder ( ziplock bag and mallet worked to crush the chalk) - wipe all over to coat- then wipe again with a damp rag. You are set to scribble after that! *

Here's some other sweet applications ...


                                                Chalkboard Fridge! whoa!

Serving platter: can you say holiday or hostess gift??! 
*to make this food/heat safe it needs to be baked after painting and you must use porcelain chalkboard paint (Pebeo Porcelain Chalkboard paint avail through Amazon)

Summer Patio party!

I love this globe from Jamie Young but it retails for $195 so I will be on the hunt and paint my own with my leftover paint ! 

My oh so lovely design colleague et bonne amie  Josee and I are planning a kitchen chalkboard wall in a up coming waterfront cottage redesign. I'll post a pics of that soon! ( the clients are leery so I'll let you know how that plays out as well!)

Oh yes, meant to mention that Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint (what I used) can be tinted in any of their  3300 colours! No need to stick to plain old black.

 Have a Fab Friday and  enjoy the weekend!



  1. LOVE the chalk! such a good idea, definately trying this! thank you!

  2. Great post ladies, I like the fridge chalk board.

  3. I like the fridge idea too Diana! I may try it on our old cabin fridge :) ~ Tracey