Room Candy

February 19, 2013

Colour Splash! Let it RAIN PURPLE.

As much as we love white and neutrals...WE  ALSO LOVE ADDING  COLOUR! A splash here, a dash there and sometimes a full colour treatment head to toe. Colour can make the difference to the way the room feels . The feeling is immediate and it is generally not subtle in its assessment of a space. You either feel good and you like it or something feels off and you don't feel at ease in the space. Always aiming for the good "I want this", we suggest add a punch of colour but use it wisely and manage it with all other elements of the room. Go for it!

Purple is such a fun colour. It can be oh so glamorous or it can be sweet and soft. It always works with white and black and is FABULOUS with grey and silver!

Love all the bits pulled together in this room. Glam glam glam. Wallpaper is a great way to incorporate colour with pattern. It says bold but pretty. A good combo !

 For an outside the box use..make the sofa your statement piece and try it with warm Caramel tones...yum!

Shades of grey and purple! Again great use of wallpaper .... love it. Classic room with dramatic feel and just the right amount of sparkle.

If paint is not in the cards  try purple accents with mostly white everytime! Possibly a bit unexpected...perfect.

This vignette is all around the wall colour paired with white wainscotting and the Wassily chair is always a standout. Interesting how the wood piece just fits in as well.

This bathroom is just gorgeous. Same paint as above ( Behr 650F-G). No screaming at you just nice and clean and calm.

Throwing this in for! Every single element in this room is beautiful on its own but totally works together. Nice how that works!

Again, more accents - art and pillows. This is actually Tracey's office space and it turned out light and bright and nice to work in. A casual relaxed mix of white, violet/purple and green!

And of course for those who want just a taste...paint the door. 

Here are some really great purples. 

Behr Victorian Iris 650F-G ( bathroom and vignette shot above)

We would love to hear of any you have used that should be on the list!

Enjoy some Purple Rain in your home...

~Tracey + Stacey


  1. love it, purple reign's

  2. love it too!... green blue pink yellow orange also reign :)

  3. That purple couch makes my eye's smile :)
    Lovely, just lovely.