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September 24, 2013

Light The Way!

Lighting has a HUGE impact on how your home looks and feels. If your are like me walking into a lighting store gives me an instant headache and a sore neck (look up...waaay up! ) 
- overwhelmed we tend to ignore our lighting needs. 
With so many options which is right for your space and your budget?

The right combination of overhead and eye level lighting is key. 
Ceiling light alone will make   the space feel a bit institutional - like, 
and can cast unflattering shadows.(none of us need that!)
 Layered lighting casts light pools giving a soft warm effect. 
Of course common sense dictates where you need focused task lighting...
bathroom or kitchen work areas ( sconces, pendants or spot lights), 
reading lights in office or family room.

Match your lighting to the scale of your room, the pieces in the room as well as the room use.

One of my all time fav vignettes from Style At Home - Great console styling + awesome scale entry fixture reflected beautifully in the mirror. Love love love.

 Love these simple pretty retro glass pendants . They add some sparkle to this fab white kitchen

The right bulb makes a difference too. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and will lead to lower power bills and less frequent bulb changing. They are very long lasting, shatter resistant, cool to the touch, and cost effective. The on-trend Edison style bulbs look great in retro, vintage and industrial fixtures. 
They can be spendy though and do not give great light....

DIMMERS IN EVERY ROOM I say! A great small investment with enormous return. Controlling the amount of light required is such a bonus and instantly can add warm ambiance to your space when you want it and brighter light when you need it.

Found a great lamp base ( maybe a thrift store treasure) but ugly outdated shade? ...change it up! Many retailers now sell shades in sizes and colours to match your decor. Floor lamps are great bedside light alternatives...perfect for reading and a change from typical matching table lamps. Table lamps provide added style, task and ambient lighting for almost every room. They are perfect on a desk, end table and entry table. Homesense has tons of fun table lamps for very little $$! like this rope lamp below we used in a cottage design.
Target also has some great options.

Chandelier in the bedroom ... you bet! In the bathroom...why not!? They bring the opportunity to layer in another light source while adding in the pretty and some drama!  A large chandelier can stand out in a big space, such as a grand foyer, just as beautifully as a mini chandelier can dramatically enhance a smaller space, like a powder room or walk-in closet. Floor lamps are great bedside light...
perfect for reading and a change from typical matchy table lamps. 
Or try hanging for huge impact:)!


Take some time on your next lighting purchase...your rooms will thank you !


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