Room Candy

October 28, 2013

ReInvent your space today for free !

ReFresh ReInvent RePurpose..its free!

The most common thing we hear from our design clients "its just not working!" 
Here's the goods on how to go from Drab to Fab in a few hours without leaving home or spending a dime. ( yes real life living...not show homes!)

1. On your next day off pick a single room... a great starting point and won't overwhelm!

2. Shop your home/garage/shed/storage space
You have stuff...we all have stuff!! Look around...don't get hung up on matching things or colour and all that blah blah blah. Just decide if you love it or not. If not give it away or sell it. Be Ruthless! Imagine someone like me watching you sort...what would I say ? :) 
You will find treasures I guarantee it!
Now imagine those loved pieces used in another way or even another room. (see #4)

Shopped the garage!

3. Clear the clutter...cannot stress this enough...less is more!! 
If you have piles of stuff now is the time to clear...take a day and work on it, moving quickly 
(march march march!) and honestly throughout the space.

This client was thinking of selling....too much stuff and she was overwhelmed!

4. Move stuff around. 
Now that there is room maybe that funky console would look better in the entry or paired with your beloved art piece and retro lamp? Wow nice that you can see it clearly now without  homework/keys/6 months of unread HGTV magazines covering it! 
Try a new layout...angle the sofa , pair up a couple of chairs for a new conversation area.
Can you hear us asking "Are the pieces the right scale for the room?" Layer some complementary cushions and favourite bits until you get the right combination. 
Keep moving- adding and deleting until its right!

Once the layout was working ( flow, scale of art...) this space was finished off by adding some inexpensive drapery panels...99% of what she had was just moved around! ahhhh!

5. Form /Function /Your Heart
Candace Olson says "follow basic design rules and know when to break them" How does the space function ..are you bumping into things? Good flow? Scale? Is it too sparse or too cramped..( see clutter rule #3 above!) Can it be slipcovered or painted? Old lamp...
new shade! If you love your eclectic combos then they should stand out front and centre.
Your home should always reflect you and how you want to live in it ...follow your heart <3

 Gallon of white paint, move some stuff around + declutter ....yes you can!

6. Know when to call for help :)  
(if you are pulling out your hair or sleeping in the doghouse this may be the time to call!)

Challenge: Pick a space today and get going!  Show us and we will post your successes!!

** all of these photos are redesigns are regular everyday homes we finished mostly without any new purchases . 

Have we said Yes You Can?...

~Tracey and Stacey


  1. Very informative ladies! Thanks for the tips :)

    1. Cheers Lauralee..thx for reading! Sometimes all it takes is just a little nudge to start! ~ T