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January 06, 2014

BLUE MONDAY? Find your smile - maker!

According to lots of pseudoscientists today ( January 6 ) is BLUE MONDAY. The most depressing day of the year. And... it came early this year  as it is generally gloom and doom day at the end of January! Oh Hurrah!  Anyways... I'm a fairly positive outlook person but this got me thinking.

What makes me smile? ....quick appropriate answer is lots of stuff...
my kids/husband/ dogs...a nice glass of Kim Crawford - Sauv Blanc/ poolside/served by nice young pool boy 
... oops  I digress ( but smiling!)

The other things that make me smile right now are, in reality ...not gunna lie
...a little more superficial.

Here's some of my pick-me-up smile makers in no particular order :

White cottage...ahhh                                             
This is just a happy place....




What is not to like about this brand? Love their marketing & web photos! ( and wine!)

In 2014 UPCYCLE something!!

Pillows? ...never too many!

I have this sofa on my desktop...and yep smile every time I see it!

Happy New Year Friends. Find something to put a silly smile on your face...and OFTEN!

~ Tracey

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