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January 17, 2014

Fast & Fabulous Friday DIY: The IKEA RAST HACK

JanYOUary soldiers on...more time indoors thinking about all the stuff that needs attention :)

Just the right time for some short snappers...quick and relatively simple weekend DIY.

Today's project ..The IKEA RAST HACK...comes from awesome Kelly at Hello Boudreau.

Holy cow...look at what she has done to the budget friendly RAST!!
 I love love love any and all things hacked! 

This is spectacular!
                                                                 Courtesy of Hello Boudreau

Some heavy weight linen, some poly-acrylic protective finish (like Minwax), a cheapie cheapie IKEA Rast dresser or thrift store/sidewalk rescue, some new pulls 
and you are off to the races.
Doesn't have to be a dresser...start really simple with a linen table top, solid surface bench or side table. These would all look amazing with a linen upholstered finish ...go crazy! 

See the step by step here Hello Boudreau 

Let me know if you try it! and send pics :)

Have a great weekend!

~ Tracey

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