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January 24, 2014

Fast & Fabulous Friday DIY : Vintage Suitcases !

Love throwing in some old and worn and mixing it with your new bits? ME TOO!

It's Friday...DIY time!

Seeing tons of cool ideas on what one can do with an old suitcase. The best part - beside the absolute coolness- is the STORAGE! 
It's hidden unexpected storage in the form of a funky case.

I, of  course, lean towards the cool coastal feel and would spray the heck out of them all ... in white . ( so sorry to all that are gasping right now....) 
But you do not have to paint, in fact the they come in such great colours , 
most are ready to go as is.

Find them at thrift stores, collectible places, flea markets and Grammas attic!

Here a few to get your weekend DIY juices flowing :

Ahhhh :)


Pair this with an old mid century table, spray it all and you're done!

                     glamour and purity

 Bar cart? ...ummm yes please!

                              apartment therapy

These are awesome!

                                                       The Cottage Market

A repeat - SMILE post!! :D

This is fun for a picnic basket

                                              Platinum Touche Ventsla


                                              Sticky Bee

                                    Fancy House Road

More white...shabby chic and pretty!

                                                               Oh My

Lee Valley Tools has lots of legs and castors.

                                                     The Plumed Nest

What a great idea for wedding decor!

                                      Fancy Frugal Life

Get your DIY on!
Happy Friday!


~ Tracey

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