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January 31, 2014

Fast & Fab Friday DIY: Sunburst Mirrors!

Love mirrors. Really love Sunburst mirrors! Why not make one yourself!
 Fast, Easy and Cheap ( my mantra....)

I want to give it a go!

This one is made with a bunch of sprayed white twigs from IKEA

Awesome in a foyer or even outdoors on a covered patio wall.


Whitewashed shims.

Dowling. Awesome in gold or silver! 

Supplies needed for a basic sunburst

  • small mirror ( convex would be super cool)
  • 2x floral rings in staggered size...12"+14" or 14"+18" depending on how big you want it
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • 2x packages of shims from hardware store or dowling packages or lengths to be cut
  • stain, oil or  spray paint

This can be done with twigs, with paint sticks, with pretty much anything you like! 



You could stain the shims first or spray them in any colour!

The dowling was glued directly to the mirror back on this easy is that!

Happy Friday...get DIY-ing!



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