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February 25, 2014

Townhouse Turmoil! ~ Styles By Stacey

Stacey recently worked with a client in her townhouse complex...a busy family 
(with a home based arborist business) drowning in stuff.
 From big budget to no budget its usually just fresh set of eyes and rolling up
 your sleeves to get things back on track - looking and feeling like HOME. 
 Heres what she did to help them get through it and find some calm .

Townhouse Turmoil
Styles By Stacey
~Stacey Kaminski

This 4 bedroom townhouse desperately needed an overhaul. The rooms were bursting with clutter, there was little storage and the furniture layout in each room was very poor, making for very confined spaces! Room by room I tackled the trouble spots only purchasing a few key storage and small decor items.

 Furniture was repositioned to provide an open space. The ottoman works great for storing toys, pillows, and blankets. Desk along the back wall creates a great work space for crafts, puzzles or homework! 

 Bedroom Before : Uninspiring space to say the least! 

...and after

 Furnishings were repositioned, allowing for more pieces to be brought in. Added a small boudoir table -  perfect scale flea market find!  Refreshed it with a coat of paint left over from the laundry room. New bedding, drapery and desk ... done!

'Pretty in Pink' Another bedroom: Lots of sparkles, room to play then it can all be put away! Added a lot of plastic storage bins for all the bits and stuffies hung in a shoe organiser.

Laundry Room: Love the new paint colour; Cloverdale Misty Harbour 8346. Open shelving installed for easy access, punches of colour with the art and done. 

Master Bedroom: This is a small room with a lot of pieces so to make it fit the dressers were placed side by side. The floating shelf above the bed was jazzed up red paint. New drapery and lamps and a distressed wood headboard to be installed soon... 
then this rustic comfy room will be complete!

Great work Stacey! Reusing what they had and using it in a better, more organised way will sure help to keep the clutter at bay! ( & costs very little!)
Happy Mom ...happy family :)

Built-ins and baskets are my go-to storage friends! 

Any fool-proof clutter busters ? Share!!

 ~ Tracey

February 22, 2014

Kitchen ReDO!!

Right before the holidays we finished up a kitchen reno.
 I finally got back in to take a couple of photos...

Here is the before. Its dark and feels very closed in. Circa late 1980's.
                               ReMarkable ReDesign

                             ReMarkable ReDesign

But on the positive the kitchen layout was working so rather than tear down walls 
(and possibly find scary problems) we kept the same footprint . That way the flooring which was fairly new could also stay as is. The new appliances also stayed in place.
 Our client wanted fresh light & bright without breaking the bank! 

WTH? why is this cupboard here?? First thing to go!

                             ReMarkable ReDesign

Happy to share too that the old cabinetry was salvaged and taken away to be
 reused in a basement suite apartment :)
                                                  ReMarkable ReDesign

  • New pendant lighting (Home Depot) along with recessed lighting - ALL ON DIMMERS! ...I yell loudly to anyone who will listen :)  (thanks Gorge Electrical!)
  • Fresh white solid wood cabinets with shaker style doors  (Morning Kitchens)           Large pantry with pull our soft close drawers and new drawers on bottom replace ill functioning shelf style cupboards on bottom ( Whats that waaaay in the back?!?)
  •  Stacked tile back splash (Costco!)

                                                     ReMarkable ReDesign

Ya...remember where that oddball cabinet was hanging? GONE! ...opens everything up.

                                                   ReMarkable ReDesign

A nice fresh new look! Happy homeowners :) 
A text  that I got from them: 
"Hey Tracey we are sitting in here just loving our kitchen and living room...thought you should know."


Have a great weekend! 



February 18, 2014

Real Estate Staging 101

House for Sale?

Have you done your homework?

Are you asking WHY its not selling?

Home Staging is no longer a nice add on to a home marketing plan. 
It is now a NECESSITY. Your property must stand out among all other comparables in your area. Doing some prep work BEFORE you list will enhance your product .
( that's what it is now...a product to SELL) 

Here is what a home stager can do for you:

  • Work with the Homeowner to make detailed plan to get a property to market in its best possible condition . 
  • Do a full and thorough walk through of the property to identify what the positives are that can be showcased and more importantly what deficiencies need to be addressed. This can range from decluttering advice, curb appeal, simple decor and aesthetics, paint and repairs, and to larger scale upgrades that will bring the property up to par .
  • Refer and manage qualified trades to get the required repair work done.
  • Work with the Realtor to meet listing deadlines allowing them to focus on the task at hand : SELLING YOUR PROPERTY !
  • Work hands-on in occupied properties to make sure furniture layout is functioning but also looking great. This includes styling of accessories and art. So vital for great MLS photos and so often overlooked! (we all have seen tragic marketing photos...WHY?!)
  • Bring in lease furniture, art and accessories to stage vacant properties. Ever felt the cold echo of a vacant space?....not a good selling feature! Buyers need direction on how a property can work for them. Creating a warm and inviting "idea" makes your place the one they remember.
A home stager has the experience and creative know how to get any property ready for market. The price tag for this ? Always always always less than a price reduction ! A staged home will show better in media and in person and generally will sell faster and for a higher price. Why? Because you have done the homework to prepare it!!!

Here is a to-the-point post from ComFree Real Estate blog
 4 straight up reasons why your house is not selling 

Connecting with a great stager and working as a team with your realtor will get you results.

Stage it FIRST...Sell it FAST!

If your place is on the market in Victoria give us a call!


~Tracey & Stacey

February 14, 2014

Friday DIY: Embossed and Painted Jars!

Its Valentines Day!! Hope everyone is having a great day with the ones you love .

Here's a quick Friday DIY ....maybe to hold  those Valentines Flowers....

Embossed and painted jars!

Get out your hot glue gun and write a word name or phrase on your choice of jar or bottle.

When the glue is hard paint the entire piece with a flat paint...acrylic craft would be best 
but I bet a flat spray paint would work too.
Voila!...personalized embossed jar:) 
Grouped together in varying sizes and shapes would be great display! And super cute in a  bathroom to hold "stuff".

Jump on over to Just Something I Made  for how from Cathe to on these old jars. 
I <3 <3 them! and really easy.

                                                    Just Something I Made

                                               Just Something I Made 

Just for the hit of Red on this heart day I  am throwing in a new marketing shot of Stacey and I. We just had another interview for a local magazine today and will be in the March edition of Seaside Magazine in their annual WOMEN TO WATCH section.

Revving up and looking forward to a fab 2014!

Enjoy whatever your have going on this weekend !