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February 14, 2014

Friday DIY: Embossed and Painted Jars!

Its Valentines Day!! Hope everyone is having a great day with the ones you love .

Here's a quick Friday DIY ....maybe to hold  those Valentines Flowers....

Embossed and painted jars!

Get out your hot glue gun and write a word name or phrase on your choice of jar or bottle.

When the glue is hard paint the entire piece with a flat paint...acrylic craft would be best 
but I bet a flat spray paint would work too.
Voila!...personalized embossed jar:) 
Grouped together in varying sizes and shapes would be great display! And super cute in a  bathroom to hold "stuff".

Jump on over to Just Something I Made  for how from Cathe to on these old jars. 
I <3 <3 them! and really easy.

                                                    Just Something I Made

                                               Just Something I Made 

Just for the hit of Red on this heart day I  am throwing in a new marketing shot of Stacey and I. We just had another interview for a local magazine today and will be in the March edition of Seaside Magazine in their annual WOMEN TO WATCH section.

Revving up and looking forward to a fab 2014!

Enjoy whatever your have going on this weekend !



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