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February 26, 2013

Before...& Happily Ever After

:( Before ... After :)

Who doesn't love a terrific transformation?  I find great inspiration looking at before and after photos. We makeover everything nowadays...people, cars, clothing, whole homes, rooms, or just a piece in a fun to have a "Taa daa!! Look what I did with that." kind of moment.

These >>

  Found on Craigslist used to be

These >>


We have done so many redesigns over the years...the best ones usually are when we can use what our client has, give it a face lift and most of the time a new place or use in the room. These designs are fast and do not cost much at all. Sometimes fresh eyes on a tired space is all it takes :)  

Here's an old desk used at the entrance of a home salon. Very the leopard on the chair and the detailed table legs.

After the salon look for the desk! Cut to size mirrored top and a bit of black spray paint >>>TaDa!

Vacant Condo Staging

This was a vacant bachelor condo...400sqft! Client and their agent were trying to sell it unfurnished - and not surprisingly getting zero interest. Looks like a box with a wall. Its so to hard to understand layout empty. Blah!

Furnished it gives buyers an idea of what could be... a super comfy little suite. 
This staging was actually done during a power outage...yes, the only light was from the patio window. Yet another missed YouTube opportunity..."Tracey and Stacey:Staging in the Dark" 
Sold quickly though...because it was staged! !!

Love this...Stacey will tell you I'm not a fan of too many crystals and hanging bits (ugh!) But this works for me especially against the blue/grey wall and white crown molding. How easy is that? A can of black KrylonIf in doubt spray paint it out!

Master Suite ReDesign

Before : dated and not so inviting 

 and not the most romantic setting...
The homeowner of this open concept 90s master suite wanted some glam and an updated feel without too much fuss. Also a spot where she and her husband could read or chat and have a glass of wine. They didn't want to do any structural renos so all of the redesign was cosmetic. And this is after...ahhhh.

Beautiful  silk draperies and shades were made to give the room some glam and softness. Add a fresh coat of soft grey paint on the walls , paint out the fireplace , change up the fixtures and Ta room :) A new floor lamp and cabinet hardware was added in after these photos were taken. All super pretty and not a budget breaker!

Share some of your transformations! 
We would love to see! 



February 22, 2013

Midnight shopping .CA

 Some Great Canadian Online Home Decor shops!

Happy Friday !

We love and always encourage shopping locally and in person. There is nothing better than scoring a treasure in a local one of a kind shop and better yet meeting the owner. Supporting your community is as Martha would say : "A Good Thing!" See a list of our favourite local

(Victoria) shops here. Check them out this weekend!

Now having said that sometimes it is necessary to go online and search for inspiration and decor bits a little further afield and delivered right to your door! I am a big fan of PJ wearing / tea drinking evening surfing. My surfing is sometimes client related but also in reality it usually turns from "sourcing" to oohing and ahhing  and then clicking add to cart for my own home! (more about this amazing local service below)

Some Canadian shops to check out...

The Cross 

Based out of recreated for us to browse and purchase online!! Love everything at The Cross.  Co-owners Darci Ilich and Stephanie Vogler describe their shop experience as, ‘a relaxed feeling, yet complemented with beautifully appointed luxury items and found objects, sexy antiques and exquisite furnishings.’ WOW!


HomeSav is a decor based discount deal-a day-retailer that operates along the same lines as "Groupon" . Canadian ( Toronto) founders say " Our goal is top delight and wow consumers by making it easy to shop for and discover new things to make their home beautiful." Some really great always do your homework before you buy!

Love this uniquely Canadian owned and operated company. "Modern Design with a Canadian Twist"  Their mission: "To be a dynamic online source of inspiration for lovers of modern design and interior decor in Canada."  Beautiful contemporary furniture and decor with a fabulously simple online process. Love that!!  * free shipping for most orders over $100.00

A collection of stylishly affordable art prints. Buying art is hard and daunting and mostly expensive! This Victoria  (yay!) based retailer supports up and coming artists from all over the world. Prints and originals available at very good prices.

Ever heard of this place? Not new but always updating, improving, creating and inspiring!! Love IKEA...can't get enough. Shop online 24/7 :) We also love the IKEA hacks (ways to reinvent and make IKEA pieces even better!) watch for our favourite easy-peasy DIY IKEA coming soon:)

Also as I mentioned earlier...Add2Cart...Fab Victoria based delivery service. You shop online, give them your list and they bring it back to Victoria. Fast simple and affordable. We have also hooked up with them (click to see!) to offer styling and design assistance for all of that awesome new stuff in your place after its delivered! 
Add2Cart also delivers lots of other retailers in Vancouver...CB2, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware.

So have fun poking about some local shops or PJ surfing online. I also would be remiss not to mention that if you are stuck with what to buy or have purchased and don't know what to do with it call in the experts! Local stylists and designers can help make quick and beautiful work of your unique purchases!!

Have a great weekend!


February 19, 2013

Colour Splash! Let it RAIN PURPLE.

As much as we love white and neutrals...WE  ALSO LOVE ADDING  COLOUR! A splash here, a dash there and sometimes a full colour treatment head to toe. Colour can make the difference to the way the room feels . The feeling is immediate and it is generally not subtle in its assessment of a space. You either feel good and you like it or something feels off and you don't feel at ease in the space. Always aiming for the good "I want this", we suggest add a punch of colour but use it wisely and manage it with all other elements of the room. Go for it!

Purple is such a fun colour. It can be oh so glamorous or it can be sweet and soft. It always works with white and black and is FABULOUS with grey and silver!

Love all the bits pulled together in this room. Glam glam glam. Wallpaper is a great way to incorporate colour with pattern. It says bold but pretty. A good combo !

 For an outside the box use..make the sofa your statement piece and try it with warm Caramel tones...yum!

Shades of grey and purple! Again great use of wallpaper .... love it. Classic room with dramatic feel and just the right amount of sparkle.

If paint is not in the cards  try purple accents with mostly white everytime! Possibly a bit unexpected...perfect.

This vignette is all around the wall colour paired with white wainscotting and the Wassily chair is always a standout. Interesting how the wood piece just fits in as well.

This bathroom is just gorgeous. Same paint as above ( Behr 650F-G). No screaming at you just nice and clean and calm.

Throwing this in for! Every single element in this room is beautiful on its own but totally works together. Nice how that works!

Again, more accents - art and pillows. This is actually Tracey's office space and it turned out light and bright and nice to work in. A casual relaxed mix of white, violet/purple and green!

And of course for those who want just a taste...paint the door. 

Here are some really great purples. 

Behr Victorian Iris 650F-G ( bathroom and vignette shot above)

We would love to hear of any you have used that should be on the list!

Enjoy some Purple Rain in your home...

~Tracey + Stacey

February 14, 2013

Positively Chalking...

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 
I just had some fun with this fast easy weekend warrior DIY that I have been wanting to try.

Definitely not a new phenom, chalkboard paint  intrigues me. After all the years its been available I still hadn't actually used it on anything. I think its the endless creative applications that has kept me interested. ( moderation moderation...)

I have teenage daughters so like most busy families we have lots of sticky notes and to-do lists. I seem to be the creator of most (honestly all!) of these and many times the fam pleads plain old ignorance to the piles of moms reminders. So...Ta Da! A chalkboard wall in our pantry room :) Can't be missed as its a transition room from garage to kitchen. And now its all there in black and white....


Not much room left already but I think I can get them to start checking it for 911 info!
The twine frame note holder idea is from the March Style at Home...frame was thrift store special spayed out white. Cheap!

* After painting 2 or 3 coats to cover. Wait and let cure at least 3 days. ( I waited 1.5...rebel that I am!) Then "season" your board with chalk powder ( ziplock bag and mallet worked to crush the chalk) - wipe all over to coat- then wipe again with a damp rag. You are set to scribble after that! *

Here's some other sweet applications ...


                                                Chalkboard Fridge! whoa!

Serving platter: can you say holiday or hostess gift??! 
*to make this food/heat safe it needs to be baked after painting and you must use porcelain chalkboard paint (Pebeo Porcelain Chalkboard paint avail through Amazon)

Summer Patio party!

I love this globe from Jamie Young but it retails for $195 so I will be on the hunt and paint my own with my leftover paint ! 

My oh so lovely design colleague et bonne amie  Josee and I are planning a kitchen chalkboard wall in a up coming waterfront cottage redesign. I'll post a pics of that soon! ( the clients are leery so I'll let you know how that plays out as well!)

Oh yes, meant to mention that Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint (what I used) can be tinted in any of their  3300 colours! No need to stick to plain old black.

 Have a Fab Friday and  enjoy the weekend!


February 11, 2013

....and today the adventure begins

A styling and design blog? Really? In all our spare time.... But yes a design and decor blog that speaks from our heart and attempts to show what we try to get across in our work but sometimes is hard to nail in a static website or photo display or even in a conversation.
 ( especially when you are waving your arms about madly saying over and over 
OMG its so amazing...)

Design and decor have a "feel"and contrary to what you may think or have heard this business is not at all serious or scary or just for those with deep pockets. Its a passion, its when you walk into a space and instead of listening to your friends' recent family misadventure you are moving about the sofa and chair -in your mind of course ( but sometimes not in your mind...actually move it...oops...focus!) and rehanging the art lower and adding a console table and a lamp...but I digress already. That's it though, the feeling and the desire to make it feel right and of course look great and uniquely yours. That's what we love and love to share.

Room Candy is our display rack of the colourful, quirky, sparkly bits that make our world turn. We hope you enjoy and send your comments and feedback...we love new ideas  and fun collaboration! 

We live in a beautiful city ( Victoria BC) that is a fabulous backdrop to some amazing design and incredibly talented people. You will be amazed :)

While Tracey is the team writer in most cases, Stacey will be jumping in as well to put her 
 oh so creative and unique stamp on things . (...and she's funny!) This is our safe place to share our goofy. It's "In-Progress"....a starting point. It will evolve and probably come out looking nothing like we started with but we know one thing for sure ...we are going to try hard to make it look darn good!

We are excited. It's a huge learning curve ( read: weird oops posts/photos/typos), but everyday we learn and that is cool. 

Create. Inspire. Live Beautiful.

~Tracey + Stacey